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A Carttitude Showcase

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We love being active at Carttitude! Active and proactive in our daily tasks, active on Social Media because we know you love seeing what we do (or can do in case you are not familiar with us), active in the car detailing community so we can share good knowledge… Active all day, every day! We have been lucky to take part in some amazing events and showcase our expertise.

Carttitude & Ferrari Portofino Tour

I am sure most of you #carlovers know about the famous Ferrari Portofino tour that took place in the United Kingdom in 2018. Out of all the detailers in North West of the kingdom, Ferrari chose to collaborate with us, to work our “magic” on their most prized vehicles! The tour started at the Cavendish Hotel Baslow, and where we showcased our auto detailing services and expertise. It was an exciting collaboration and a pleasure to be part of this event by fully preparing all the vehicles for the tour.

Carttitude & I’m Not Driving That

“I`m not driving that” they said, but they got to see their vehicles in top-notch condition again and guess what?! They actually drove them! And were happy. Now seriously, Carttitude took part in “I`m not driving that” series produced by Project 3 Manchester and the BBC. It was a lot of hard work, but the whole team were enthusiastic and fun. We also got to work on Russel Kane`s (comedian, presenter, actor, author, and scriptwriter) and Danielle Lloyd`s (glamour model and television personality) car, so you can imagine how much fun everyone had. We were so pleased with how happy and thankful the car owners were. If you want to see the show, just follow this link.

Goblin Works Garage

Roses are red, violets are blue, “Goblin works garage”, will make it all cool… And they do! One of their recent projects included building a custom BMW E30 for the great premiere, and the result was stunning. We enjoyed working and spending time with the entire team whilst detailing and completing the final touches on the car. We also got to attend the prize gala along with many celebrities from the U.K. and it was a blast!

And this is not all…

We also detailed vehicles for some of the most famous tours: Gumball3000, ModBall Rally, and TheCannonRun. We were extremely proud to see the Carttitude logo and website on the cars. This made us realise how important our services are for them and also the fact that as long as we deliver outstanding services, our clients will keep recommending us. For example, we had an Aston Martin that participated in the ModBall 2018 tour. Another client that took part in and finished the Gumball 2018 tour in Tokyo, shipped his RS-6 to us for “that high quality detailing”. TheCannonRun 2018 tour took place in December and we made sure that all the cars participating looked impeccable – we love being involved in these amazing events.

We also have an amazing Portfolio of works which can be viewed on our website.

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